A journey that I never expected

Some events are unexpected to us in our life. Even I had such days in my life which turned so unexpected to me, but I thought I will survive anyway after massive heartbreak. but honestly, I am still suffering. Why people say that one day you will move on too….No it is not that easy for me, even after weeks and months, I am still standing on the same page ans same phase.

But to a note to myself:

I will come out, I know that there is always a Hope at other end of tunnel. Though this will take whole lot of me, but I know I will survive as I am fighter. It will be a better version of me for sure and I will be NEW me. Just have faith even if you feel shattered at this time, but stay positive. Your family, your friends are not listening to you and your depressive phase, That’s OK as they haven’t been to this but U are! Do not expect them to hear your sad stories, in stead get up and work on yourself as what you need most is “YOU”.  Just divert your mindset to something positive, something that give you hope, even a morning Sun rise.

You know, what is best thing about you, You are depressed, struggling, a whole lot of storm in side you, but still You are acting like a normal, challenging your daily routines, and there you are my champ, YOU ARE A FIGHTER.

God has never or will never give you anything more that you can not handle. He knows you more than you know yourself. Embrace all those suffering, pain, betrayal of your life. There are here to teach you something about your life. God is always watching you and taking care of you, And you know that, People, family, friends will leave but two things are going to stay with you and that is….GOD & YOU with yourself.